Memories made in silver


Is the jewellery made of real silver?

Each piece is made from 99.9% fine silver and is created to a high standard.  All findings including chains and bracelets are made from sterling silver.

Is there an age limit for the prints that can be used?

There is no age limit for taking hand or footprints however fingerprints may not be clearly defined until 1 year of age or even older.  However, if the whorls are not very clear the indentation is still very much unique and personal to your child.  If you would like a clearly defined print it may be best to wait until the child is older or to chose a hand/footprint keepsake.

Can I use prints that I already have?

Yes, I can definitely use any prints that you may have already depending upon how they have been captured.  I would just need to check the quality of the print to ensure that I can work with it, but in most cases it isn’t a problem.  Please email me at before making your purchase to discuss.

Can you match a charm for my second child that I already have for my first child?

I will do everything I can to match anything you currently own as long as you are able to provide me with a picture and details regarding size etc.  Please email me at before making your purchase to discuss.

I can’t see what I want, can you make something different?

Yes of course. Each item is hand made and the design possibilities are limitless, if you want something bespoke, please do email me and we can discuss the options available.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Because each piece is made entirely by hand the lead time is up to 28 days from receipt of your prints.  Where possible I will try to reduce this time scale and at busy periods this time scale may be longer.  If you are ordering for a specific occasion and need delivery to be by a certain date then please do email me before making your purchase to check this time scale is achievable.

Can I re-order using prints that I’ve sent you before?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine.  I keep copies of all prints on file and would just need you to send me details of your previous order so that I can trace your prints.

Will the jewellery be hallmarked?

Hallmarking isn’t required for pieces weighing under 7.78 grams.  Because of this any pieces weighing under the required weight will not be hallmarked.