Memories made in silver

How it works

How to order:

  • Please have a browse through the website and decide which keepsake you would like to purchase.
  • Personalise your piece using the drop down boxes provided.  Please see the sizing guide below for size options.  Please allow up to 10% shrinkage during the firing process.  If there is any option you cannot see please do not hesitate to email me on as I love the opportunity to create bespoke items.
Sizing guide
  • Once you are happy with your purchase, please click on add to cart and complete payment at the checkout once you have finished shopping.
  • A print taking kit will be posted to you within two working days. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided to take prints yourself and return in the post using the pre-paid envelope provided.
  • For local customers, if you would prefer your prints to be taken by me I am more than happy to arrange an in-person appointment.  Please email me before making your purchase as this could mean a slight delay in the process depending upon the availability of appointments.
  • Please see ‘Deliveries‘ for details of our timescales and estimated turn-around times.

How is fingerprint jewellery made?:

Fingerprint jewellery captures your loved one’s unique impression, made by the ridge formations and patterns found on your fingertips.

To capture this unique impression the finger is pressed into a ball of putty.  Upon removing the finger a unique pattern of the fingerprint is left imprinted.  This mould will then be transformed into your chosen piece of jewellery using mouldable metal clay.  Once the piece has been created it is then fired to become 99.9% fine silver.

Please note, fingerprints may not be clearly defined until 1 year of age or even older.  However, if the print is not very clear the indentation is still very much unique and personal to your child.  If you would like a clearly defined print it may be best to wait until the child is older or to choose hand/footprint jewellery.

How is hand/footprint jewellery made?

Hand/foot print jewellery captures the unique lines and shape of your loved one’s hand or footprints.  To capture the print the hand or foot is wiped with an inkless wipe and then pressed onto ‘magic paper’.  The print is then scanned into the computer in order to miniaturise it and create a negative of the print which is then used in a special machine to create a stamp of the print.  This stamp is used to create an impression in the silver clay and then sanded and fired, much like with the fingerprint jewellery.

The benefit of this process is that it can be used to capture the print of anyone at any age!  Please note that the process of miniaturising the print may result in a loss of some detail.