Memories made in silver

About Me

Hello and welcome to Ella Bella Boo.  My name is Viki and I am a working mother of two gorgeous, but mischievous little monkeys, Noah and Ella (aka Ella Bella Boo).  I’ve spent a big part of my life trying to find something I could be really passionate about.  After becoming a Mum this became even more important as I needed something for me but also something that could fit around the completely different lifestyle I found myself in, juggling part time work and looking after the kids.  After a lot of searching I came across The Keepsake Association and began my exciting journey to starting my own keepsake business, finally finding something that explores my creative side.

My son has just started school and it is yet another reminder to me of how fast they grow up.  We are all desperately trying to find ways to capture memories of our little ones so we don’t forget how small and precious they can be.  Silver jewellery keepsakes are a beautiful way of doing this.  A fingerprint is absolutely unique to every single person and what better way to treasure the individual identity of your child, than by casting their fingerprint in silver and keeping them close forever.  And it is not just children, these keepsakes are perfect for any age; a partner, a mother, a friend, the possibilities are endless.

So many things we buy these days are carbon copies of exactly what somebody else you pass on the street is wearing.  These keepsakes are entirely unique and lovingly designed and handmade by me.  I hope you will love wearing and treasuring them as much as I will enjoy creating them for you.

If there is anything specific you have in mind you would like made but cannot see on the website then please do get in touch as I would love to make something special for you.

Lots of love

Viki x